Combining azure and powershell with a simple example

Greetings all,

I thought it would be nice to start of with a little bit of Powershell. In the first post I will explain the scenario we got and in furture posts we elaborate on it and further automate it.

Recently a friend of mine asked me for some advice, he basically had a pretty straight forward question, how do I set up a VM within Azure and have that machine act as an FTP server. I think this serves as a pretty simple but good example on which we can elaborate. In this post I’ll take you through the steps of creating and setting up the VM using the Azure Portal and the remote desktop client (for use on the VM once we have it in place).

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MS16-072 and the impact it really has on your GPOs

Greetings all,

It took a while to write a next blogpost but this one promises to be a goodie.

Last week, June 14 2016, Microsoft has released a security bulleting called MS16-072 that basically changes the behaviour of Group Policy Processing. Link to the bulletin is here Continue reading

Password not required, wait, what??

Edit September 4 2015, added link to useraccountcontrol explanation. Thanks Richard Stebbings for the URL!

Every once in a while we take a look at out Active Directory and do checks, a lot checks. One of these checks consists of investigating the UserAccountControl attribute value on the user accounts. As it turns out you can get some unexpected results when running these checks.

First of all, let’s take a look at the UserAccountControl attribute itself. Many of you probably know UserAccountControl as the pop-up screen on windows that was introduced with Windows Vista. Well, this is something different. Continue reading

DNS log import cmdlet

New blogpost, Yeah! Sorry about the delay guys, hopefully this blogpost will make you forgive me for having too wait.

It took me a while to determine the subject of my new blogpost but finally I found a topic for it. In my day to day work I have been busy upgrading Domain Controllers away from Server 2003 to 2008 (yeah I know, still legacy but hey some things you can control and some things you cannot). Continue reading

ISESteroids and Versioning

If you’re like me, you script something, save it, edit it, save it again and somewhere in the process you break the script and need to go back, but you saved the file under the same name over and over again. To get around this I was looking for an editor that supported versioning. I know Powershell studio by Sapien has this ability but since the price is kind of high I kept looking.

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Filter out DES logons in Active Directory

With the current situation regarding Microsoft ending support for Windows Server 2003 R2, businesses need to upgrade to a higher version to at least be able to get support. One of the things that have changed in 2008 is that DES encryption has been turned off by default. Which is a good thing but there are certain applications that still use this (Blackberry Enterprise Server for Example).

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First Blog post! And show you how you can copy to clipboard by using Powershell

Finally, 2014 is almost over, it’s been quite a year where I have had a lot of things that were going on. Now on December 31st I finally took the time to write my first blog post and start off with this blog.

The site is nowhere near complete now, it’s look and feel will probably change a few times over the next few weeks/months until I’m happy with it.

For now, since this blog will be mainly about Powershell let’s start off with a blog post I had lying around but have not gotten around to post yet. it’s a small but effective one.

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